About the author Chef Gailyn Gagliardi is one of America’s leading authorities on healthy cooking, and the founder of Kefir Complete, the Life-Changing Benefits of Live Kefir Grains that is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of individuals. She is also a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and Dietary Health Coach.
Gailyn is the Founder and Director of Kefir Complete, a company that creates purely delicious power foods and kefir based products for optimum health, healing + wellbeing! “Our passion is serving our customers with the best probiotic, detox Kefir. We use live kefir grains and organic whole foods and pride ourselves on developing quality products that will inspire a deeper commitment to healthy living and to heal bodies from the inside out. Strong healthy bodies and minds are important to us. We were the first company to bring organic small batch, no sugar added, made with live kefir grains, 99% lactose free & gluten free, Frozen Kefir Smoothies to the whole foods markets.“  
Gailyn is a qualified chef of over 25 years, having worked and trained with some of the best Chef’s and restaurants in the country. To compliment her training, Gailyn has also studied nutrition at the University of North Dakota as well as clean and organic cooking in South Beach, Miami. She was honored as Entrepreneur of the Year after owning and operating three restaurants across the country. She has traveled all over the world embracing the foods from each culture, France, Germany, Luxemburg, Switzerland, Iceland, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bermuda, Jamaica and the Dominican Republic. She has studied the vast foods all across America from New Orleans to Seattle and from Hawaii to Boston. She has combined her diverse extensive knowledge of food & cooking, diet & exercise to develop her recipes and functional food products to help promote optimum health & wellbeing. 
As the CEO of her brand “Kefir Complete” her commitment to health and wellbeing through the use of quality nutritious ingredients is paramount. Chef   
Gailyn’s philosophy has always been to keep her food as pure and natural as possible, free from preservatives, artificial ingredients and fillers. Her dishes have been designed for people who love food, who love to eat and who have made a conscious decision to maximize their health and wellbeing. She combines her love of food and fitness within her own life and shares her recipes and knowledge with the world via her books, website, TV appearances hosting cooking shows and countless print and online articles! Chef Gailyn’s heart to see others succeed in what they love to do is inspiring. As a Nutritionist (personal & sports), Health Coach & Author she enjoy's giving inspirational, motivational and transformational speeches. She helped acquired a grant to help small business owners who wanted to launch off their own culinary product lines. She used the money to help build an incubator kitchen and managed it. The success of the incubator drew awards from the NC States Governor, Perdue. 
    As a passionate Chef and one who loves to inspire others, Gailyn decided to combine her two great loves – Transformational coaching and health. Choosing to share her lifestyle, recipes and wisdom internationally, she has inspired thousands of people to make positive changes to their lives through her websites (www.kefircomplete.com, www.cafeliardi.net, www.divinelyinspiredaction.homestead.com ). Gailyn published her first book, “Divinely Inspired Action” which is a transformational guide about reprogramming your subconscious mind for a great purpose. Her continuous experimentation in the kitchen saw her develop her 2nd book, “The Kefir Complete Guide to Health, Weight Loss & Beauty.” 
Pursuing her dream of opening her own restaurants, Chef Gailyn opened the Green Giraffe Cafe on the shores of Dover, Delaware. She continued her passion and opened Gailyn’s Café in the exquisite town of Athens, Ga. and Café Liardi in the sweet, Mayberry town of Burgaw, NC. It's phenomenal success spurred Chef Gailyn to reach an even wider audience, she launched off Café Liardi Catering and Film. She began a career catering for the film crews as well as hosting her own local Healthy Cooking Shows. 
Chef Gailyn now owns "Kefir Complete~ Your Healthy Eating Cafe," in Wilmington, North Carolina.  
Dedicated to improving people’s health and wellbeing through the food choices they make and how they cook, Chef Gailyn believes food, like life, is to be savored. Chef Gailyn has extensive experience contributing to a broad range of print and broadcast media. She has also offered her expertise teaching private cooking classes, Smart Start Programs for children, Kids Annual Culinary Camp, Garden Club cooking classes, Cooking demos for local farmers of Feast Down East and many more. She holds a special place in her heart for underprivilaged children and children dealing with life-threating diseases. She has spent countless hours sewing into these chairties and missions. 
'When people ask me how I got into all of this, what influenced my love of cooking and what got me started on my own health crusade, It’s crazy when I look back and see how young I was when it all began. My parents owned a health food store in Maine. My mother was absolutely amazing in the kitchen. She would make whole grain breads every day and sell them outside our front door and to the Art Collage down the street. I started helping out my mom in the kitchen when I was about four years old and I loved it! 
My Mom could cook or bake anything; she would be mixing cakes by hand with a wooden spoon and churning out cheesecakes and rich meals with delicious sauces that would simmer all day on a weekly basis for our family and friends. I would watch her make jellies and all kinds of vegetables and help out in the kitchen – she would get me to sift the flour, grate the cheese, prepare all the ingredients and snap the peas from our garden, with my little fingers. This was the beginning of my love of cooking. We were always eating out of our garden and sharing eggs and goat’s milk with neighbors. It changed my life forever and was the inspiration for what I do today. 
I participated in track and gymnastics, and I can remember enrolling myself in my school volleyball and basketball teams. I loved cheerleading and taking dance classes. I had many active brothers and sisters, my parents would encouraged us regularly to spend time outside, which was always so much fun since we lived on the water. Their example of eating right and staying active inspired my love for health, fitness and adventure.   
Though I always lived a healthy lifestyle for the most part I started suffering from a mild case of Celiac Disease presenting as food allergies, painful bloating, gas, constipation, back pain, Rosacea, acne, other odd skin disruptions, prutriting veins, irregular/heavy menstruation, PMS, depression/anxiety, forgetfulness. I started having no energy or motivation to do anything. My metabolism started slowing down and I was gaining weight rather rapidly. I could feel my immune system was weak and I was becoming concerned about my bone density since I was having such aversions to milk. My sleeping patterns were becoming very inconsistent and I just didn’t feel myself anymore. I had no energy, was easily overwhelmed, and easily startled. 
Thankfully God answered my prayer. A very special person brought me Kefir one day and told me how to make it and use it. I had never heard of Kefir before and the thought of having fermented milk on my counter was not appealing to me at all. I was desperate and I knew I could trust her so I drank the Kefir. Instantly I could feel it's healing power throughout my entire body. It was amazing. Within a couple of days I could feel my body getting stronger and my mind becoming clearer. Along with the consistent use of Kefir, eating healthy and exercising regularly, I became so happy and full of life and energy again. I have been completely healed. I am now unstoppable and it is my mission to share this Kefir product and the transformational information about it to the world. I Love Kefir and You will fall In Love with it too! Get ready for Kefir Complete to Heal and Energize you!  

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