Powerful 70+ Probiotic Kefir
Organic Frozen Strawberry 
-Made with Live Kefir Grains-
(NO Sugar added! Lightly sweetened 
 Pure Maple Syrup)
$249.99 for 24 (8oz each)​
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Lose up to 10 LBS in 3 days!
 Did you know we carry up to 30 pounds of toxins in our bodies? Kefir is a Powerful DETOX!
Combine our scientific pure food program with our probiotic Kefir to lose unwanted weight the
 "Healthy Way!"

Why Store-bought Kefir is not nearly as beneficial as our Kefir made from Pure Organic Kefir Grains: (Buyer beware of probiotic scams! If it doesn’t say
“made from live kefir grains”, then it is not real kefir.)
Home-made Kefir from live Kefir grains is far superior to the bottled kind you can buy at health food stores. As
a matter of fact, the store-bought kefir is made so differently than the homemade kind, that it isn’t real kefir at
all, but a weak derivative. Commercial Kefir is made from either a freeze dried powdered form of the culture,
or from a culture made from a culture, which means it has considerably less healing power. Then it must be
pasteurized, which kills the living microorganisms. They put additives in it such as "natural” undefined flavors,
and then add a little commercial “probiotic” to try and replace what was killed by the pasteurization process so
they can label it a probiotic. Totally not the same and not as beneficial as the real traditionally made kefir.
For example: studies have shown that commercial kefir not made with live kefir grains did nothing to lower
bad cholesterol, while the real kefir made using live kefir grains lowered bad cholesterol levels significantly.
The reason why is:
The homemade kefir contains billions of friendly organisms per millilitre, and the organisms are alive and
actively reproducing right up until the kefir is consumed along with ample amounts of kefiran and variations of
the polysaccharide. Commercial kefir does not contain anywhere near the different types of organisms
including yeasts as does kefir prepared with live kefir grains. Certain strains of organisms in the kefir grains
cannot be cultured once they are separated from the microflora. Hence, these organisms are not found in
artificial kefir-starters, or in commercial kefir. We simply do not yet know how to create these organisms. What
their requirements are, and how they interact with the rest of the microflora remains a mystery to scientists and
dairy technologists. (http://www.orhaolam.com/uploads/KefirInShort.pdf)

*77 of the known health benefits of live Kefir made from live Kefir grains:
1. Strongest natural remedy against any allergy
2. Strongest natural antibiotic without side effects
3. Treats liver disease
4. Treats gallbladder, dissolves gall bladder stones
5. Clears the body of salts, heavy metals, radionuclides, and alcoholic products
6. Cleans the body of chemical antibiotics
7. Treats kidney stones
8. Good bacteria in kefir are able to fight off pathogenic microorganisms
9. Lowers level of LDL cholesterol
10. Cleans the gastrointestinal tract
11. Treats Irritable Bowel Syndrome
12. Treats gastritis
13. Treats pancreatitis
14. Treats ulcers
15. Prevents and treats colon cancer
16. Improves digestion
17. Improves the body functions
18. Improves the human immune system
19. Cures Candida
20. Cures hypertension
21. Stops growth of cancer cells
22. Speeds up healing process
23. Treats psoriasis
24. Treats eczema
25. Treats inflammatory diseases
26. Reduces size of tumors
27. Treats heart disease
28. Reverses calcination of blood vessels
29. Clears the blood vessels
30. Boosts the bodies energy
31. Natural “feel good” food
32. Treats lung infections
33. Normalizes metabolism thereby can be used for weight loss
34. Cures acne
35. Has anti-oxidants and anti-aging properties
36. Nourishes hair
37. Treats the gum disease parodontosis
38. Lessens side effects of medicines
39. Replenishes body of good bacteria after antibiotic
40. Balances the microflora of the body’s digestive system
41. Regulates blood pressure
42. Lowers blood sugar
43. Lowers blood lipid levels or cholesterol and fatty acids
44. Treats diarrhea
45. Treats constipation
46. Promotes bowel movement
47. Anti-stress properties
48. Treats sleeping disorders
49. Treats depression
50. Treats attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
51. Improves the brains neuro functions like reflexes, memory retention, attention, the five senses
52. Reduces flatulence
53. Lactic acid fermentation enhances the digestibility of milk-based foods. People who cannot otherwise
digest milk, can enjoy the vital calcium rich Kefir.
54. Treats yeast infection
55. Eliminates vaginal odors
56. Cures wrinkles
57. Treats arthritis
58. Treats colitis
59. Treats gout
60. Cures migraines
61. Treats rheumatism
62. Treats other stomach disorders
63. Detoxifies the body
64. Improves protein quality of milk, and enhances absorption and digestion
65. Good bacteria manufacture B vitamins such as B3, B6 and folic acid.
66. Aids in treating tuberculosis
67. Treats stomach cramps
68. Treats chronic intestine infections
69. Treats liver infections
70. Treats asthma
71. Treats bronchitis
72. Treats sclerosis
73. Treats anemia
74. Treats hepatitis
75. Healing effects on catarrh, digestive nodes, astral nodes, bilious complaints
76. Treats leaky gut syndrome
77. Prevents metastasis

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