Walkerworld Organic Artist Retreat
is an organically evolved sprawling log cabin on the Northeast Cape Fear River just ten minutes from Wilmington, NC.
Join our 5 day healing detoxing retreat! We are here to help guide you through your transformational journey. This retreat will be held at Walkerworld on the beautiful Cape Fear River on May 15th-20th 2018.

Detoxing Retreat

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Welcome to Your
2,500 per person
Space Is Limited
The Benefits of our Healing Detox Retreat

Detox can bring many and varied benefits, often beyond all expectations. 
Here are just a few of them:

Greater vitality and more consistent energy
Improved digestion and absorption of nutrients
Better elimination and bowel health
Improvement in fertility (men and women)
Relief from chronic skin problems, like eczema, psoriasis and acne
Hormonal balance – to help alleviate PMS, blood sugar imbalances and mood swings
Weight loss and enhanced metabolic function
Heightened immune system
Greater emotional / mental well-being and happiness
A sense of spiritual unfoldment
Experience a life free from pain and ill-health
What to Expect at our Healing Detoxing Retreat

At our retreats we place great importance on creating a supportive and healing atmosphere where you can feel safe to detox on all levels. I have written a tranformational Book that will help guide you body, soul, mind & spirit. We are on hand to help and support you throughout your detox journey with the aim of not only bringing about transformation on the physical level, but also on the emotional, mental and spiritual levels. During the detox retreat we provide information, inspiration and ideas to help you better understand yourself and your health. We believe that optimum health is about ‘listening’ to your body, your mind and your heart and ‘recognizing’ your needs - ultimately, taking charge of your own health and wellbeing.
What Your Healing Detoxing Retreat Includes:

- Organic Healing Detoxing Meals
- Daily Kefir Complete Cleansing Smoothies
- Daily Organic Kefir Anti-ageing Mask
- Green Juice Detox
- Healing Detoxing Plant Based Foods Cooking Class
- Healing Detoxing Baking Course
- Daily Massage of Focused Body Part
- Daily Guided Meditation
            *Kundalini *Tibetan Bowls
- Daily Reconstructive (Light) Yoga
- Hard Copy of Chef Gailyn's Book, "The Complete Kefir Guide to Health, Weight Loss and Beauty." (Includes over 65 Recipes)
- Exclusive Recipes Kefir Einkorn 99% Gluten-free detoxing Bread Recipe that is NOT in her book.
- Hard Copy of Chef Gailyn's Book, "Divinely Inspired Action." Transformational Guide
- Daily Divinely Inspired Action Course. You will have completed your vision board and have a deeper understanding of your divine purpose.
- Personal Journal
- Gratitude Journal
- Rejuvenating Sunset Boat Rides along the Cape Fear River
- Meditative Mala Beads Necklace/ Bracelet making Class
- Aroma Therapy Class, Blend your own personal oils to take home with you.
- Stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, swimming, rope swinging & floating in the beautiful Cape Fear River.
- Hiking though the enchanting mass filled woods.
- Meet amazing like-minded friends from all over the world.
- Heal, Rest & Transform your life into being the happiest person you know.